Thursday, January 15, 2009

Digital Wedding Forum National Meeting

© David A Williams 2009 ©

Today was the last day of the annual DWF conference. What a meeting! I got to mingle with many of my peers and a couple of iconic photography luminaries. I heard a speech by David A Williams, a notable artist/photographer from Australia. I believe the philosophy he shared with us will fundamentally alter and enhance how the photographers who heard him approach their art. A watershed event which will be a landmark for many. David is a proponent of the philosophy that photography is the perfect medium for promoting and cementing the connectedness of families and people. I'd really like to attend one of his Almost Alone workshops.

Also got to meet and have an extended conversation with Jerry Ghionis, who's work I admire tremendously... It's funny how you expect an icon and idol to be seven feet tall and have the voice of god... and when you meet them they are just common folk... Well, hugely talented and motivated common folk.

© Jerry Ghionis 2009 ©

The most fun of all was a photo shoot that I hosted in my studio with DWF members. We had such a response that we added a second session. The poor model was so exhausted she could barely drive home.

link to David A Williams
link to Jerry Ghionis

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