Monday, January 19, 2009

Fusion... The New DSLRs

I am an early adopter.. Have been all my life... I love technology. I was very interested at the national meeting last week of the Digital Wedding Photography Forum in the concept called fusion. Fusion in this context means the combining of a HD video capability into a still camera. Even with my impeccable credentials as a hopeless purchaser of new tech, I resisted the idea of having motion pictures included on my still camera. Don't know why.. very out of character for me.

There were many arguments posited for the coming demand for video clips as a part of traditional wedding photographic coverage... They are probably right... But I got to thinking that video is so much bigger than just covering the sometimes forced artificiality of weddings and is something that consumers want.

Also, I have business need to show not only my work, but my personality. That is difficult if not impossible to achieve with still images, and hard with the written word. I needed to get a video on this site, but did not want to hire a videographer or buy a video camera.

So, over the weekend I thought about how to get a video of me talking about my work onto my blog. I remembered that I somewhere had a little Fuji point and shoot pocket camera that purported to have a video capability... So, I dug it out with very low expectations... Unbelieveably, I found I have a perfectly competent video camera. The video you see above was created with that silly little point and shoot with no added accessories or gegaws. I edited it with the most primitive video software bundled with Microsoft products. Admittedly I look appalling in the video, but that's me, not the camera... Anyway fusion has hit the Wilson household..

Fuji's little sub $200 gem, great lens (not HD, but pretty good)

Nikon's D90 with HD video capability.. awesome!

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