Friday, July 10, 2009

High School Student Photos !

Sherice Mangum

Listen to Alexis Rock!

This is Alexis.. actress, singer model and dancer!

Call me.. Ed Wilson 480 276 3328, or email me at

We have completed this seasons recruitment of Models for our model program

Specifically looking for students from:

Cactus Shadows High School
Desert Mountain High School
Foothills Academy
Deer Valley High School
Notre Dame Prep
Chapparal High School
Sierra Vista Academy
Career Success High School
Saguaro High School
Boulder Creek High School
Barry Goldwater High School

Parental approval is necessary for participation.

Click the link below to view a music
video slideshow of Mia's shoot!




My long lost twin brother Lonnie. .. From shoot on April 5th

Yesterday... Emily Y

Shoot from March 28th Meet Macy!

This is Candace V

Meet Jenn.. An amazing and exoticly beautiful young lady
from today's photo shoot.


  1. hey i could model if you need someone.
    I go to Sandra Day.

  2. i could model and i also go to sandra day my name is Teresa and my myspace is

  3. Heyy :)) I was wondering do you only photograph people currently still in high school cause I just recently graduated from Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics. But I would definitel ybe willing to model :D

  4. Hello! My name is taryn and i attend mesquite high school. i am a senior this year and i would love to model for you.